I have a problem: I always pack too much underwear. This may seem like a strange problem to someone who doesn’t travel much (or maybe even to people who do), but I seriously can never decide how much underwear to pack, and end up over-packing! On my last trip to Asia, I definitely packed wayyy too much, and every bit matters when you’re carrying everything on you back for 6 weeks.


Reed Kennedy (Pack Like A Nerd) finally has a solution to this, since he took notes on his last 17-day trip and had his friend Carrie make a graph out of it! The chart helps you pick the perfect number of pairs of underwear considering the number of days you’ll be away and the number of times you plan on washing. Gold numbers are considered to be a perfect run, meaning that you will be wearing your last pair of clean underwear when you arrive at home.


Thanks to Sara for providing this guide to packing in general in the comments!

underwear graph