Well, I have some exciting summer plans to announce! Due to some changes in what I thought I was going to be doing, I am now going to be traveling for a good chunk of the summer! I originally had an award booked on United (pre-devaluation) to Thailand, but the person I was planning to travel with can no longer come, so I decided to mix things up a little bit! It was quite a hassle to get the award changed and price out at the pre-deval rates, but it worked out in the end.

Summer Plans 2014 -- Southeast Asia!

I had about 6 weeks to work with, and during that time I will be spending a day in Frankfurt, 3 days in Beijing, and about 5 weeks between Cambodia and Vietnam! I’ve never been to Asia before, so I am really looking forward to this trip! Not to mention, I will be flying in F on the way home including about 11 hours at the Thai First Class Lounge in BKK — that’s a lot of time for massages! I normally fly in Y because I can sleep fine and I’d rather save my points/miles for others to be able to travel with me, but in this case there was only availability in F, and since I am now traveling alone I was actually still spending less miles than I had been before!   If you have recommendations for Beijing, Cambodia, or Vietnam please let me know in the comments!