My dad came down to visit me on my cross country bike ride and asked if I would book his hotel for him, which I of course agreed to do because that meant I got the points! Based on cost and location considerations I decided that the Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown made the most sense, and while I didn’t actually stay there, I did get the chance to check it out. Here are some photos and my thoughts.

I called ahead and asked for early check-in, because I knew that I would be able to get there slightly before my dad would. The man I talked to on the phone (man on the left behind the counter in the picture below) said that my room was not quite ready but that I should be within the hour. That wasn’t a problem at all because I called a few hours ahead of time. The lobby area was pretty nice.

20130614_143631 20130614_143618 20130614_143704  20130614_143918[1]


20130614_143830 20130614_143839

We were given a room on the top floor (“Platinum Upgrade”) and there was a Club-type thing. It was also quite nice looking.

20130614_143310 20130614_143300

Inside the rooms there were the energy saving light switches where you have to put your key in to turn the lights and air condition on. We were given an extra room key so we could just leave it on :p


The beds felt amazing. But then again I have been sleeping on a sleeping pad on the floor for the past two weeks, so I am probably really biased right now!


We had a pretty nice view from the room too! (Especially compared with what my teammates and I deemed the ‘Hobo Bridge’ near the church where we were staying that night.)



The whole hotel looked like it had been renovated pretty recently and overall I think that staying here was a really good experience for my dad, and I would definitely consider staying there if I ever return to Knoxville as well.