A month ago, this weekend was going to be the last free weekend I had before my cross country biking adventure. I was going to get a few more miles under my belt and make sure I was ready to head out to Baltimore on Wednesday. …well, none of that happened. BUT my weekend was awesome!

Shortly after FTU, my friend The Flying Consultant expressed interest in coming to visit me and some other friends in the area. We were planning on just nerding out about points and miles for most of the weekend… but it ended up getting more exciting than that! Another FTU friend, Ed, found a pretty good fare to the area for the same weekend and joined us for a couple days.

It’s hard to say what the best part of the long weekend was, but here are some of the highlights:

*I stayed up way to late [every night] [talking about trips/schemes/points&miles etc.]

*Made 3 runs to CVS (it’s VR heaven here afterall), 1 run to Lowes (maxing out 5x on Freedom rotating categories), 1 run to Officemax (iTunes promo), and 1 run to Walmart (Bluebird related)

*Ed and I got extremely sun-burnt from enjoying the nice weather (which might not sound like a highlight – but the day was beautiful. 100% worth it.)

*I introduced my friends to new restaurants in the lovely town of Ann Arbor (I love food!)

*The three of us had a thought provoking dinner with Travel Blogger Buzz. Some topic covered were: the future of this hobby, who loses while eating vanilla ice cream, are we exploiting people who fail to manage their money & should we feel bad about it? (including some crazy analogies), and more. Next time I’ll post about the meetup on the blog ahead of time in case any readers are nearby too.

*My parents had my friends and I over for Memorial Day dinner, and I think my parents think I’m slightly less crazy now 🙂

*The Flying Consultant and I looked at booking some ancillary tickets for a trip in November… and will book them sometime this week


It was quite the weekend, and now I only have one day left of work before I leave for BWI & my cross country bike ride!