I have recently run into the issue (problem? …nah) where I have so many credit cards that they are getting a bit harder to keep track of. Not so much the balances, as I do that all in an excel spreadsheet, but the actual physical cards. There are a growing number of cards I have that I don’t actually use, either because they are older cards that don’t have as good of benefits (but no fee, so I don’t close them!!) or because I have them for the perks (like the Priority Club Visa – $49 annual fee, and “free” night certificate). I have also been growing my collection of hotel and airline loyalty cards, and random other cards such as my PADI certification. I realized I needed a better way to keep track of everything than just keeping it all in a pile or in a spare purse. Initially, I was thinking about using the small, desk-top file type thing that many people use for business cards, but as I was looking into that I couldn’t find anything that quite suited my needs. I did end up finding another business card holder that was perfect though!


Amazon has a Rolodex Business Card Book that allows me to see both sides of my cards without even having to remove them! This one only has a 96-card capacity, which in reality, is probably not enough in the log run (for me), but for the time being it is sufficient. This new organizational style is already helping me a lot; I have all of my “churnable” cards and cards I plan to cancel in the first couple of pages, then a few pages for other cards I keep for for their benefits or because they help the average age of my credit lines (but rarely or never put spend on), then come the hotel loyalty cards, airline loyalty cards, and then other random cards. At this point this is the perfect solution for me, and I do find it a bit funny that most people need these for business cards, not credit cards, but to each his own. I do, in fact, have a business credit card or two in my “business card” holder :p   Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day! Did you know that it was originally called Decoration Day?