This summer, this blog may take on a slightly different form than what it is going to be in the future. It is going to be a trip report of sorts, but much different from any trip I have ever been on or will probably go on again. I am going to be riding a bicycle across the country, from Baltimore, MD to San Francisco, CA. This is going to be a 70-day long adventure with approximately 30 other young adults. We will be raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults along the way, and helping educate people about what they can do to prevent cancer, and helping to unite communities as we ride.

So most days are going to look more or less like this:

4am – Wake up

5am – Breakfast

6am – Start biking

10am – Break

12pm – Lunch

1pm – Keep biking

3pm – Done biking

5pm – Dinner

7pm – Go to bed

Or at least that’s what I’m expecting. It is going to be one heck of an adventure! In most of the towns we stop in we will be staying at churches and mingling with the congregations. I am looking forward to the people I am going to meet and the stories I am going to be told.

From early June to mid August this summer, I will be sharing my experiences about this journey. Probably something that most people reading this blog will never be interested in doing — but who knows! (If you are, email and I will give you information about the organization) My hope is to meet many inspirational people this summer, and to be able to share that inspiration with you. I will also be sharing my points/miles earning strategy with you along the way. I’m looking forward to going to the CVS and office supply stores in every town I visit ūüôā Other than that I don’t know exactly what my points earning strategy is going to be. I’m not going to be able to apply for credit cards, since I won’t be able to¬†receive¬†mail easily (which doesn’t really matter anyway because my next churn wouldn’t be until early August anyway), I’m not going to be able to go on any mileage runs, although mattress runs are a possibility, and I am not going to have a lot of true spend since our meals are mostly provided for us. The biggest spend I will probably have is buying replacement components for my bike — I’m sure I’m going to need more than the set of tires I have on now at the very least! My goal is to stay up-to-date with the current promotions and see what I can make work! I will be sure to share information about promotions, and my successes (and failures).

Even though this style of traveling is going to be roughing it, which I don’t mind from time to time, I know that this is a trip that I will never forget because of the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that will go into biking across the country. I am excited to share my experiences and I hope that I can provide an interesting perspective on travel coming from this crazy adventure.