A Horrible Warranty Experience with Luxury of Watches

This is a slight deviation from my normal postings about travel, but I feel the need to warn people against making purchases from Luxury of Watches. I had an absolutely awful experience with Luxury of Watches and their “warranty” policy. I purchased a watch from Luxury of Watches at the end of 2013 and the band recently broke.

At first I thought it would be an easy fix so I brought it into a local jeweler. They informed me that the part of the band that was broken was not something they could fix. It would need to be sent in to the manufacturer and estimated that the cost would be $900 for a band replacement.

After hearing that, I pulled up the current warranty information from Luxury of Watches which read a five year warranty covered my watch, including the band (the warranty at time of purchase actually read a lifetime warranty discovered via the WaybackMachine). I contacted Luxury of Watches and was told that I needed to take the watch to one of their authorized repair shops, over an hour away from my home. Once there, I was told the same thing – that the watch would need to be sent to the manufacturer and repaired at my own cost. Upon calling Luxury of Watches again I was told there was nothing they could do despite their warranty saying that it covered bands.

I submitted a claim through the Better Business Bureau in order to encourage Luxury of Watches to honor their warranty, but they did not budge. I also attempted to go through my credit card company to file a claim but was told they do not deal with warranties at all. At this point (after six months of trying to get my watch fixed with my warranty) I just want to prevent other people from the same misfortune in dealing with this company. Be warned that if you choose to do business with Luxury of Watches, your watch may come with a nice discount, but not without a cost.


  1. I sincerely appreciate your taking time to write and warn us!! I had the EXACT same experience and they were simply con man (company) . BBB and my Amex could not rescue me and I did not want Amex lose money because of bad company selling it. L of Watches should just leave.

  2. Sorry to hear about your saga! This sort of thing annoys me no end. Even though it may appear to be consumer focused, the BBB is anything but. Google BBB “The best ratings money can buy” to see what the real purpose of the BBB is. Would the extended warranty through your credit card help? Another option is to simply file a small claims complaint. From my experience, the forms are usually pretty short with sub $100 filing fees. That may get you a better response. I hate companies getting away with this sort of behavior.

    1. Unfortunately, the “extended warranty” only extends the warranty if the warranty is under two years. Since it was a lifetime warranty (or even 5-year warranty) the credit card won’t extend it. I thought about small claims court too, but my understanding is that since LoW is based in CA, I would have to file there and travel there OR file here, but I would be liable for their travel expenses if I lost. Either way, it’s not really a win for me. The *best* I could end up is +$900 from winning a claim in CA, but -$600+ for my expenses to get there.

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