Traveling Alone on Your Birthday

That sounds way more depressing than it should. It’s actually been a pretty great day.

I’ve been traveling around Europe for a few days now with a couple friends. They both flew out of Venice very very very early this morning. So early that I don’t even remember waking up to see them off (though I probably did, at least a little bit).

So basically, I spent my entire birthday by myself. In Venice in the morning, on a bus to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and then in Ljubljana. But it really wasn’t that bad. I had a stream of Facebook notifications, texts, and tweets coming in. I had a chance to call my parents and another friend back home, and no one made fun of me for ordering liver for dinner (yes, I like liver, ok?!). Everyone at my hostel has been so great… starting off with a gift of a bottle of Slovenian wine from the receptionist (it is really strong). After spending some time wandering around and, yes, eating liver, I came back to the hostel and met some other travelers. We drank the really strong wine, chatted about past and future travels, and generally had a good time. One of the girls who had arrived at the same time as me and knew it was my birthday even got me a beer when she went to the supermarket.

So, traveling alone on your birthday isn’t so bad. It’s really quite great. Others are willing to celebrate with you, and it makes it even easier to make friends (imo). Especially if you have a bottle of wine.


  1. To me traveling is more than just visiting a location and seeing some stuff. Its about the person I am traveling with, sharing experiences with, and forming memories with that we can look back on together. I’ve done my share of solo traveling and it wasn’t nearly as fulfilling as the traveling I have done with the special people in my life. Its exciting to visit new places and meet new people, but in my experience those relationships tend to be superficial and I always found myself wishing someone I really cared about was with me.

    But then again to each their own.

    1. I like to travel with people and share experiences as well, but sometimes it is nice to not have to make any compromises 🙂 I would say I travel with people about 70% of the time and alone about 30%… but that might be a statistic I should actually calculate sometime. The other nice thing about traveling alone, at least for me, is I find it a lot easier to meet new people, some of whom have turned into some pretty great friends (that I then travel with later on)!

  2. Happy birthday! Today is actually my brother’s birthday as well 🙂

    I guess if you have free alcohol in the hostel, it is easy to meet people and make new friends. Have fun in Slovenia!

  3. I had a nice time in Ljubljana several years ago.

    Happy birthday! No one said that you had to celebrate your birthday with others; nor is there any rule that you have to celebrate your birthday on your birthday! I am glad you had a great day!

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