I have written about T-Mobile and its traveler-friendly coverage before, but recently I tried out a feature I hadn’t used before – complimentary access to in-flight Wi-Fi provided by Gogo.

On Tuesday, I flew from New York to Salt Lake City on a nonstop Delta flight, which was a Gogo-equipped flight, and tested the service. As per terms, you have to have a valid E911 address on file with T-Mobile and make at least one call over Wi-Fi before boarding a flight. It doesn’t matter how long before, as long as the call is made at some point prior to flying. Once on-board and the required altitude is reached, turn on Wi-Fi on your phone, open a browser and connect via a pink T-Mobile banner. Enter your cell phone number in the provided field, and voilá, free Internet access for one hour! Gogo sells a one-hour pass for $5 normally.

Although I didn’t test the connection speed, it was rather decent to check and respond to emails, Facebook, Twitter and other simple apps. After my one hour of browsing was up, I still was able to use the Wi-Fi to message through mobile apps, such as Viber and Google Hangouts, for the remainder of the flight. You can also use WhatsApp and iMessage if you prefer those. Please note, the complimentary Wi-Fi is offered on mobile devices only.

I personally love that the carrier offers free unlimited data and texting in more than 140 countries, and free access to Gogo Internet is just another fantastic bonus offered to travelers!

Have you connected to Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi with your T-Mobile phone? What did you think?