March 2016 Income Report

Note that unless otherwise specified, all amounts indicated are pre-tax. Note also that payments are indicated in the month they are received, not in the month that work is completed. Parenthesis show change from the previous month.

Affiliate Revenue – $128.08 (+$55.82)

Airbnb – $982.00 (+$613.00)

Award Bookings – $1,209.08 (+$453.91)

Cash Back Promotions – $1,348.60 (+$975.86)

Freelance Writing – $1,875.00 (+$581.22)

Misc. – $72.00 (-$74.65)

Substitute Teaching – $161.00 (+$161.00) (this was my tax refund from 2015 and since sub teaching was the only job where I had taxes withheld, it all came back here, I didn’t actually do any sub teaching during the month of March.)

Travel Agency – $0.00 (-$20.50)

Tutoring (online) – $37.55 (-$455.65)

Total: $5,813.31 (+$2,290.01)

March 2016 Reflections

This year keeps looking up and up! I landed another regular freelance writing gig which gives me more consistency than I’m used to, a welcome change. I had also been home for the majority of the month of February so I took on a lot of award bookings then. I’m paid for February in March for that project, so that gave that category a nice boost this month. Online tutoring has been down significantly over the past two months, but I am spending more time working on projects with higher per-hour rates which leaves me less time to tutor. It’s still a nice fallback to have though because I’m sure the less busy months will come again! The last notable income-related item from this month is that a client that I did work for in November of 2015 finally paid me for that work. Needless to say that I will be revisiting that relationship before moving forward.

All in all, March was a great month! Even considering that my taxes are higher than they used to be because of the pesky self-employment tax, my income this month is actually higher this month than when I was working as an engineer… for the first time since I left my job almost exactly two years ago! It’s been a long road so far, but things are looking pretty good!

I was also mentioned in an article this month about becoming a digital nomad – check it out!