March 22 – 28

This week was primarily spent out in Colorado. My cousin lives in Denver, and we try to ski together at least once per year. I’ve already been out to Colorado once this year, but we had bought the 4by40 pass, which includes two days of skiing at Steamboat and two days of skiing at Winter Park. 

On my least trip out to Colorado, about a month ago, I had some ski boot problems, that resulted in me getting new boots. Because of those issues, I lost two days of skiing, so I still had one day left at Steamboat and one day left at Winter Park. I figured that just meant I had to go out to Colorado again! 

My cousin is a nurse, and she had to work over the weekend, but my friend Ed came out for the weekend and we got in two days of total spring skiing. It was so warm that I didn’t even wear my coat or snow pants the second day! Sweatshirt and leggings was all that was needed! 

I spent the beginning of the week in Denver with my cousin, getting some miscellaneous work done and blogging a whole bunch. It’s my featured week, and I had some goals that I wanted to hit… so far so good! If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to enter my giveaway… there are some pretty awesome prizes, including status, amenity kits, drink vouchers and lounge passes! 

My cousin and I then headed out for two more days of skiing — this time Copper Mountain and Winter Park. It was a 180 from the spring skiing Ed and I had done. At Copper Mountain we had about 5 inches of powder to work with, and at Winter Park it was even more (though a day old). I couldn’t have asked for a better last two days of skiing for the season.