Last year I status matched to Alaska MVP Gold 75K. I think it’s a great program to have miles in, and also a great program because [at least for now] there are some reciprocal benefits on both American Airlines and Delta.

At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t sure that I was going to try to requalify, but considering some recent developments it may end up making sense… let’s look at some math.

Here are my Alaska MVP Gold 75K Requalification Plans

Note: Since I do most of my flying on partners, I will need to fly 90,000 miles to requalify.

This is what I have booked (and possibly flown) so far…


LGA – DTW [AA, economy] = 501 miles

Total: 501/90,000 miles = 0.6%


DCA – ORD – PEK – ORD [AA, business] = 13,770

Since this fare is in business class, I earn a 25% bonus on elite qualifying miles (=3,443).

Total:  (501+13,770+3,443)/90,000 = 17,713/90,000 = 19.7%

ORD – JFK – SVO – JFK – ORD [Delta, economy] = 10,803

Because of the fare class this is booked into, I only earn 50% of the miles toward elite qualifying miles (=5,402).

Total: (17,713+5402)/90,000 = 23,115/90,000 = 25.7%


ORD – JFK – DUB – ORD [AA, economy]: 7,593

Total: (23,115+7593)/90,000 = 30,708/90,000 = 35.1%


DTW – SEA – ANC – SEA – DTW [Alaska, economy] = 6,751

Total: (30,708+6,751)/90,000 = 37,459/90,000 = 41.6%


The total cost of these tickets has been about $1,700, which means that my cpm is about 4.54. This is pulled lower by the bonus on the business class fare with a 25%, but pulled higher by the Delta fare that only earns 50%. I predict that I will be able to maintain this cpm if I choose to requalify. This puts my requalification cost around $4,000, which is about 25% higher than I would like to see it. I am earning 125% bonus on my redeemable miles because of the status, so my redeemable mile cpm is around 2.27. I would love to book a few more really cheap fares so I can pull my qualification cpm down even further. At a cost of $4,000 I am not sure that it will make sense for me to requalify, unless there are some other really spectacular fares to places that I have really been wanting to travel to anyway.