Breaking News!! Point Princess isn’t really a Princess! There’s scandal in the Kingdom!

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Between a BAcon presentation on writing and finding our voice and comments on my post How to Piss Off Barclay a couple weeks back, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not really a princess.

In real life, I think I’ve always had a bit of trouble finding my voice. When I don’t know people well I’m really shy (unless there are helpful beverages involved). I think I’ve been that way a bit on the blog up until now, mainly by trying to be a little more formal that I naturally am and also by censoring language in comments on occasion (but don’t worry, I didn’t censor any meaning)… which maybe comes off as princess-y. Really, I think that I was just trying to become the name a little bit, however, I may continue to censor language in the comments because I do want my blog and comments to be a safe place where anyone feels comfortable visiting. (And all I really mean by that is keep it classy folks and no name calling, please!)

My friends always forget how shy I am when I don’t know people because to them I am slightly crazy (in a good way! …I think), always up for trying something new, always testing limits, eating weird things, suggesting outrageous ideas for places to go and things to do, and getting ridiculously excited about little things, like the fact that I am getting 48 pages added to my passport today. Oh yeah, and I swear on occasion.

I may come off as quiet, but I’m not. I may come off as a goody two shoes, but I’m not (which – for the record, doesn’t mean that I’m bad). And I may from time to time come off as princess-y, but I’m really not. So feel free to push me off my throne if you ever think I’ve been sitting there for too long.