Update 12/13/2013: My savings account reappeared online! Full update here.


I logged onto my Chase Online Banking account and noticed something looked different. After thinking about it for a minute I realized that my savings account was not in my account summary!

That’s not good.

I did some quick googling and noted that there have been quite a few instances where Chase has closed an account that had no activity for a period of time — reguardless of how much money was in it!

I then sent a message through the secure message center.

Their response: closed due to inactivity. In order to re-open the account I would have to go to a branch. Nothing they can do online.


I knew I only had a few bucks in this account, so it might not have even been worth it to go to a branch had I not been curious about what they were going to tell me about why the heck they closed me account without notification.

So, I went to the branch… and waited in line… and explained the situation. The rep I talked to could not tell me why I wasn’t notified or if that was standard practice or not. But anyway, I left the bank with a check for $1.73. I didn’t re-open my account since I only use that checking account, and a different savings account.

But really, Chase? You’re not even going to tell me you’re closing my account? Dislike.