On my bike ride across the country, we had 2 nights in St. Louis. One of my friends from home was able to drive down for the weekend to come and visit me, which meant that I was able to sleep in a bed for two more nights!


We stayed at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac. It was a kind of strange hotel, not what I was expecting at all, but in a good way! For the price (which was fairly reasonable compared to what else was available for the weekend), it was a pretty upscale hotel in my opinion.

From the start, the hotel was pretty impressive looking.

DSCN0277  DSCN0258

And there was a gorgeous chandelier in the lobby.

DSCN0276  DSCN0266

DSCN0264  DSCN0265

The pool was pretty standard. We did not have a chance to check it our because of a thunderstorm.

DSCN0273 DSCN0272

The fitness area was pretty impressive as well. There was more equipment behind the wall in the picture to the left that is not pictured. There was also a sauna, which I think it a fantastic touch. It’s also something that I haven’t seen in a hotel gym before (sometimes by the pool), but it is definitely a feature I would enjoy especially if I was here on business.

DSCN0270 DSCN0269

The room was pretty standard. We had booked a club level room because there was no other availability. We had access to the Club Lounge (forgot to take pictures, sorry!) and checked it out briefly one evening for a glass of wine and bite to eat. The little bit of dessert we tried was very good.

DSCN0252  DSCN0256 DSCN0255  DSCN0254


Overall, I was impressed with this hotel. I was expecting a more standard big(ish) city Hilton, even though we were on the outskirts of St. Louis. I would definitely consider staying here again and would recommend this hotel to anyone looking to stay outside of St. Louis.