Yesterday morning Southwest announced their fall fare sale! It’s a pretty good one, and I’m looking to see if there is anything that makes sense to book. I am also checking out the routes I am interested in to see if any one else is matching.

Fights start at $49 for 0-500 miles, $99 for 501-1,250 miles, $129 for 1,251 to 1,750 miles and $149 for 1,751+ miles.

The sale continues until 11:59pm on June 12 and is valid for travel from August 26 – December 18. Blackout dates are September 2 and November 26 through December 3. Not valid for Friday or Sunday travel (unfortunate).

If you fly Southwest on occasion, I would highly recommend looking at these and booking any flights you might be flying since you can always cancel and apply funds towards future travel on Southwest.

Also – don’t forget to buy Southwest gift cards at a office or grocery store to get additional points! The Deal Mommy has a post that includes her math on how you can actually save up to 11% more using this method.