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This Hotel Charges $30 to Use Their Pool

I was traveling in Russia recently, and took a side trip from the big cities to Veliky Novgorod, a couple hours south of St. Petersburg. There wasn’t a big backpacker presence there, and therefore only one hostel, that happened to […]

Five Cheapest & Best Points Hotels in Beijing

I’m going to Beijing for two nights on one of those ~$450 roundtrip business class fares from Washington DC. Usually when I travel alone I stay in hostels, but since I am going to be in the city for such […]

Salvaging Money and Points from a Cancelled Trip: Hotels

I never cancel trips… so I’ll book things that are non-refundable on occasion, since the savings usually end up being worth it to me. Well, for a recent trip planned with a friend, something came up and he is unable […]

2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review -I rode my bike across the US       -I visited Australia for the first time     -I visited the Middle East for the first time       -I visited quite a few […]

Fall 2013 Credit Card Strategy and Results

Note: No links in this post are affiliate links. All links are to the best offers that I am aware of at the time of writing.   There are a few above average offers out there right now, and a […]

Visiting Australia for the First Time… Suggestions?

I have a quick trip planned to Australia with a couple of friends in August. I have never been there before, and neither have my two friends. I’ve started to do some research on hotels to stay in/things to do/places […]