18 Packing Essentials for Backpacking

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When backpacking, you learn so much about the countries you’re visiting, the people you meet, and if you’re lucky, you learn a little bit about yourself too. And if you’re like me, you’ve also learned what you should have included in […]

On Travel Safety (Egypt and Beyond)

The first thing most people have said to me when they hear I’ll be traveling to Egypt in about two weeks is “Do you feel safe going there?” or something along those lines. Actually, it’s more often a statement that […]

5 Weeks in Asia: Costs

Be Your Own Advocate 5 Weeks in Asia: Costs A Quick Trip Out of FRA Money Problems in Beijing 72 Hour Visa Free Transit of Beijing Scams in Beijing The Angkor Experience The VIP Sleeper Bus Experience in Cambodia Sleepy […]