One Photo from Every Country Visited in 2015

Angkor Wat, Cambodia January 2015Angkor Wat, Cambodia January 2015

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My USA Bucket List Top Five

I love to travel internationally, and sometimes I’m so focused on that that I forget about all of the things in the USA that I want to see, too. In the second half of this year I have a couple […]

Bucket List 2015 Update

As a general rule, I am booking the cheap fares and I don’t really care too much where I’m traveling as long as I will get to experience new things while I’m there. That said, I do have a bucket […]

A Look at 2015 Travel

I am far from done booking 2015 travel, but so far the trips I have planned have been shaping up really nicely! Let’s take a look…. January 2015 I’m in Southeast Asia through mid-January. I spent the new year in Kep, Cambodia… […]

Daily Getaways Week 5

This is the final week of Daily Getaways for the year!   Monday July 8 *1-Week Hertz Standard Vehicle ($280 for 5,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards) *1-Week Hertz Prestige Collection ($720 for 15,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards) *Weekend Hertz Prestige […]