How to Plan Crazy, Cheap Trips

2 Trips. 6+ Bookings. 11+ Countries. 16+ Flights. Only $1,040.93. And Points. And I’ll be earning over 23,000 points across 3 programs. I have some pretty crazy travel coming up, mainly in December… but it all started because of a […]

Be Your Own Advocate

Be Your Own Advocate 5 Weeks in Asia: Costs A Quick Trip Out of FRA Money Problems in Beijing 72 Hour Visa Free Transit of Beijing Scams in Beijing The Angkor Experience The VIP Sleeper Bus Experience in Cambodia Sleepy […]

Salvaging Money and Points from a Cancelled Trip: Flights

I never cancel trips… so I’ll book things that are non-refundable on occasion, since the savings usually end up being worth it to me. Well, for a recent trip planned with a friend, something came up and he is unable […]

Unlock Hidden Flying Blue Award Availability

Over the past couple of weeks I have been spending a little bit of time playing around with Flying Blue awards to Europe for this spring, considering the 25-50% off Promo Awards. I was specifically interested in the Economy Awards […]