I’ve Been to 45 Countries. How I’ll Turn that to 55 By the End of 2015

I love deals, and the ultimate deal I can image is a mistake fare to a far-off destination. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to get in on quite a few mistake fares for travel in 2015, in addition to some generally good deals. I’m also lucky that my work and school are about 95% remote, so I can travel to places with decent internet connection as much as I want.

Here’s where I’m going the rest of the year and the fares that will be getting me there.

Barranquilla and Cartagena, Colombia (46)

$250 round trip on Copa.

Iceland (47)

$200 one-way on WOWair.

Germany, Slovakia (48), and Hungary (49)

I’ve been to Germany before, but I’m going to Oktoberfest and then visiting new countries. $157 one-way from Iceland and then 30,000 United miles and $81 return to the US on Lufthansa.

Mumbai, India (50)

$291 roundtrip on Etihad.

Jamaica (51)

Two people for $620 ($310 per person) on Southwest. Not the greatest deal in the book, but my Southwest Companion pass is about to expire and I wanted to get a couple good trips out of it before it does!

Nicaragua (52), Honduras (53), Guatemala, El Salvador (54), and Belize (55)

I woke up one morning to a $300 Central America fare on American originating in Detroit; couldn’t pass that up. Decided to turn it into a month of work/travel/school/learning Spanish in Central America.

Overall, I spent about $1,500 and 30,000 United miles and am that much closer to my goal of eventually visiting every country!


  1. Do consider using FlightMemory to record your flights while your number of flights is still low and within memory. The first 100 countries reached are by far the easiest.

  2. That is pretty impressive. I have a friend that has a goal of visiting all of the countries recognized by the United Nations. I think he is up to 150 right now. What was your favorite from your first 45?

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