Europe Costs – 10 Days

I planned a pretty crazy set of trips because of a mistake fare that came up a few months ago, and over Thanksgiving I embarked on the first half of the trip. It involved spending about 10 days in Europe, starting in Italy, and going to Slovenia before heading to Copenhagen and then home. I was traveling with friends in Italy, so that helped with the cost of hotels; we each booked one night.

I was pretty excited for my night because we stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan on a certificate from the Hyatt credit card. We then rented a car and spent the next two days driving around to Genova and then down the coast towards Pisa stopping in Cinque Terre. It ended up being a pretty crazy day of driving, but that’s a story for another time. The tolls on the highways were pretty expensive, so that increased out transportation cost by quite a bit.

My friends left on my birthday, so I headed on to Slovenia by myself. I spent 2 nights at a hostel in Ljubljana, and then flew from LJU to Copenhagen were I spent my final 3 nights in Europe (for this trip!) at an airbnb.

I have to note, I think it’s pretty funny that my flight from New York to Milan (~$75) cost less than my flight from Ljubljana to Copenhagen (~$80)!

Cash expenses included food, tolls, transportation costs, postcards, stamps, and any other random things that were more convenient to pay for with cash.

Europe Costs – 10 Days

Category Cost
Airfare $347.04 4,500 Avios
Accomodations $139.00  1 Hyatt Reward Certificate
Activities $7.00
Food/Drinks $36.93
Transportation $117.67
Cash (Misc.) $150.00
Total Cost $797.65 4,500 Avios + 1 Hyatt Reward Certificate
Cost Per Day $79.76  (10 days)


    1. Some food and drink costs were included in the cash category. I didn’t keep good enough track of exactly what cash was spent on different things, especially considering expenses were spilt for the first third of the trip. The misc. expenses that are included in the cash category are noted in the post.

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